At Pittsburgh Arsenal, classes end on a high note

Watching children progress over 10 weeks,  from their first Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh lesson through the last, is delightful and inspiring. Those feelings were reinforced today at Pittsburgh Arsenal’s culminating event yesterday.

It was great to see the kids showing off how far they’ve come. Throughout their performances, enthusiastic parents and classmates cheered them on, clapping and clapping, smiling and clapping. The dancers were elegant. Many gentleman sported ties, and some young ladies wore colorful dresses from their countries of origin.  Pittsburgh Arsenal is a mini-melting pot of culture.

And then there were the teaching artists.  When “Coach Terry” (teaching artist Terry Sweeney) began to have back problems recently, his wife, Rozana, stepped in to help.  Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh and Mercy Behavioral Health employees Kevin Beckovich and Marcus Poindexter also lent helping hands…and feet.

Despite the hiccups throughout the semester — from two-hour snow delays to field trips, from holidays to PSSA testing — Principal Ruthie Rea kept it altogether.  Patience is a virtue.  Principal Rea has it.  We appreciate that. So do the children.

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