Pittsburgh Montessori students move it

On Wednesday, May 4, Principal Cynthia Wallace welcomed the crowd of parents, students and friends to Pittsburgh Montessori’s Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh culminating event. Nothing she said could have prepared them for what they were about to see.

Fifth graders from the school’s two participating classrooms followed the lead set by pinch-hitter Kelsey Kizina. Whittier’s regular teaching artist, Terry Sweeney,  is on the injured reserve list with back problems, but that didn’t keep him away from attending the event to could see the results of what he started ten weeks ago.

Miss Kelsey put the students through the same steps that Mr. Terry would have.  After demonstrating the five dances they’ve learned,  each student brought an audience member on to the floor to learn the merengue.  Next, everyone gathered to hear which 12 students will represent Pittsburgh Montessori in the Colors of the Rainbow on Saturday, May 7.

It was a proud afternoon to be a Montessori student, parent or staff member.

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