Pittsburgh Whittier dancers draw a crowd

In December 2010, Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh Site Director Mark Rogalsky explained to all principals the importance of their involvement to the program’s success.  Pittsburgh Whittier Principal Elaine Wallace took that message to heart.  Of the 20 lessons, Ms. Wallace attended nearly all.  As a result, she was a true inspiration to her students.

The elementary school’s commitment went further. Alicia Krall, developmental adviser for Whittier, attended every class and participated.  Ms. Krall learned all the dances and filled in when partners were needed. Mercy Behavioral Health applauds the effort put forth by the entire staff at Whittier in their inaugural year of Dancing Classrooms.  It was sincere.  It was spectacular.  It was downright awesome.

So awesome, that as the last lesson began on April 17th, school custodians had to bring more chairs into the gymnasium to accommodate the crowd streaming in to watch.

Luisa Nayhouse did a wonderful job with her students.  Ms. Luisa, one of two rookie teaching artists this past semester, relished the chance to teach.

Watch out for Pittsburgh Whittier on Saturday.  Don’t let the fact that they’re the “green” team fool you.  They’re  looking to make some noise in their first appearance in the Colors of the Rainbow semi-finals.

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