The start of something big

In your travels around the City of Pittsburgh over the next two weeks, don’t be surprised if you spot a billboard — or two, or three — promoting Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh Colors of the Rainbow finals.

The young lady and gentleman featured in the public service announcement, Faith Hubert and Nature Askew of  Pittsburgh Allegheny K-5, were beautifully captured  by photographer Archie Carpenter as they performed at the Colors of the Rainbow semi-finals last December. This talented pair of dancers helped to lead their team to the finals, so look for them on stage on May 21.

These are the locations of our electronic displays for Colors of the Rainbow:

  • I-279, 1 mile west of the Greentree exit (facing east, on the right side of the road as you head toward Pittsburgh)
  • Reedsdale Street on Pittsburgh’s North Side near Heinz Field and the casino, behind Mercy Behavioral Health‘s Reedsdale Center
  • I-376, two miles west of the Pennsylvania Turnpike (facing west, on the left side of the road as you head toward Pittsburgh)

Special thanks to Lamar Advertising, a sponsor of our June 12 fundraiser Mad Hot Ballroom Pittsburgh, for their commitment to Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh.

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