Kids say the darndest things

Pittsburgh Linden students prepare for the Colors of the Rainbow team match (©2011 Archie Carpenter)

Teachers, principals, and parents all tell us about the value of Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh.

At the end of the 2010-2011 school year, we wanted to hear more from the children’s perspective.

We asked fifth graders who took part in our program to share their impressions with us so that we could, in turn, share them with guests at Mad Hot Ballroom Pittsburgh, our June 12 fundraiser.

Following is the unedited text of their heartfelt, handwritten notes.

“Dancing Classrooms helped me in many ways. At first I did not want to dance with my classmates but now we are friends. I used to dance horrible and now I am good. Dancing Classrooms made me feel good.”

“Dancing Classrooms helped me like my classmates. We had to be a team. At first it was hard but if you keep at it, you get it. My teacher said that it is also the way in other things. Thank you.”
– Will

“Dancing Classrooms helped me to have good posture and good posture leaded [sic] me to have excellent elegance. I also made new friends who were people I didn’t talk to before.”
– Anonymous

“I did not like the boys in my class but now I socialize with them. I learned to dance which was fun. I am also more respectful. Thank you.”
– Kirsa

“Thank you so very much for having 2011 dancing classes come to Pittsburgh. We all really enjoyed it. I learned all of those dances. It is a memory I will keep in my mind, heart and on video forever.”
– Anonymous

“Thanks for bringing Dancing Classrooms to Pittsburgh. This helped us learn respect for girls and become brave.”
– Daniel

“Dancing Classrooms was the best part of school. I have confidence and elegance. I even talk to the boys. I learned many dances and my parents are proud.”
– Donna

“Dancing Classrooms helped me see that hard work pays off. In the beginning I could not do it but then it got easier. I learned elegance. Also, respect is another quality we learned. I am more respectful to my family and friends.”
– Anonymous

“Thank you for bringing Dancing Classrooms to us. It was cool. At first I didn’t want to dance with the girls but  now they are my friends. I made friends with people I didn’t talk to before. Thank you.”
– Dwayne

“Dancing Classrooms helped me in many ways. It helped me with elegance, respect and teamwork. I was scared at first but after i met my teacher, Miss Renee, I got more confident. Also, I became friends with my classmates. Thank you.”
– Dyonna

“Thank you so much for bringing Dancing Classrooms to Pittsburgh. It was fun. We got to learn fun new dances and have fun at the competition. Thank you!”
– Christian

“Dancing Classrooms was the best thing that happened in my school. I even taught my mom and grandma to dance, too. I also cooperate more with my classmates.”
– Diane

“Dancing Classrooms showed me that hard work pays off. Respect is another quality we learned. I started to be more respectful to my mom. I got along better with my classmates and became friends with some. Thank you for this opportunity!”
– Aniya

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