Grainger, Inc. makes $10,000 grant to Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh

Jim Stobart of Grainger, Inc. presents a check for $10,000 to Mercy Behavioral Health representatives for Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh. Left to right: Ray Wolfe, Stobart, Mark Rogalsky and Stephanie Murtaugh.

We are pleased to announce that Grainger, Inc., an international construction supply company, has donated $10,000 to Mercy Behavioral Health for Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh.

Grainger is committed to supporting, serving and partnering with community organizations – especially where its customers and team members live and work. This philosophy goes beyond helping businesses maintain their facilities and encompasses the investments that keep communities viable. In 2010, Grainger donated more than $14 million to not-for-profit organizations through cash, products and employee matching gifts.

Jim Stobart, Grainger’s Pittsburgh branch manager, presented the check to Ray Wolfe, Mercy Behavioral Health chief financial officer,  Stephanie Murtaugh, Mercy Behavioral Health prevention services director, and Mark Rogalsky, Mercy Behavioral Health unit manager and site director for Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh.

Grainger’s generosity will help Mercy Behavioral Health bring Dancing Classrooms to more Pittsburgh students and schools, and we thank them.

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