16 Dancing Classrooms sites visit Pittsburgh

Dancing Classrooms site directors from across the country gather for dinner on
Mt. Washington to cap off their conference in Pittsburgh

On July 8 and 9, Pittsburgh was the center of the universe for Dancing Classrooms.   Site directors representing the following 16 areas attended the annual conference: Cleveland, Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, Long Island, Southeast Florida, Dallas-Fort Worth, Phoenix, Seattle, Western Maryland, Lake Charles Louisiana, Omaha, St. Louis, Winston-Salem,  and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Dancing Classrooms founder, Pierre Dulaine was on hand to share his recent experience in hosting the program in Israel for Palestinian and Israeli students. His experience was filmed for an upcoming documentary which should be released sometime in 2012.  Words could not describe the pride in Pierre’s voice as he spoke of teaching these young ladies and gentleman not far from the streets where he was born.

Michael Tapscott and Dawn Shires from Lodestar Resource Center discussed their experiences in conducting the program for people who are homeless.   Their pride also shone brightly as they described how men went out of their way  to be sure that they had some sort of a tie to wear to look elegant for class.

Also taking center stage during the two- day conference were Dr. Janice Pringle from the University of Pittsburgh Pharmacy School, and Dr. Gary Shank from Duquesne University sharing insights  into the recent set of data for Dancing Classrooms  Pittsburgh.   Both were enthusiastic about the outcomes that will be published later this summer.

Dr. Barbara Rudiak, Assistant Superintendent for Pittsburgh Public Schools spoke on the future of public education.  She shared her knowledge of funding sources that the Pittsburgh Public Schools used to help bring Dancing Classrooms to Pittsburgh in 2009

Dancing Classrooms New York’s new Board president, Glen DeVries attended and shared his visions for the future of Dancing Classrooms.

Mercy Behavioral Health hosted the conference. The group ended their Pittsburgh experience atop Mt. Washington for a beautiful evening dinner

This event marked the fourth year that site directors have convened to share their experiences in conducting Dancing Classrooms.

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