Sharing the success story of Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh

Mark Rogalsky and Stephanie Murtaugh of Mercy Behavioral Health Prevention Unit will share the story of Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh with their peers at the 2011 Pennsylvania Community Providers Association (PCPA) Conference.

“The theme of this year’s conference — Hats Off! — seems like the perfect place to present the thinking behind Dancing Classrooms,” explains Rogalsky.

“Our presentation will show Dancing Classrooms as an innovative prevention approach which engages youth, schools, families, and communities, and nurtures positive behaviors across the board.”

“Dancing Classrooms uses ballroom dancing to increase protective factors and reduce risk for young people transitioning to fifth grade / middle school and living in high-risk communities,” adds Murtaugh. “We want to share our success in Pittsburgh and demonstrate to our peers why and how the program is working.”

PCPA is a trade association whose members are community agencies serving persons with mental illnesses, intellectual/developmental disabilities, or substance abuse. Mercy Behavioral Health is an active member of PCPA.

Membership is also open to other organizations and individuals concerned about persons with mental disabilities and drug and alcohol disorders. PCPA serves as a forum for the exchange of information and experience, represents providers on legislative and administrative matters, and serves as a point of contact with other related statewide organizations.

PCPA’s annual conference will be held October 11 through 14 at Seven Springs Mountain Resort in Champion, Pa.

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