Picture perfect: photos from Colors of the Rainbow

Tango couples from Pittsburgh Lincoln K-5 (Yellow), Pittsburgh Spring Hill K-5 (Blue), and St. Benedict the Moor K-8 (Emerald)

On Saturday, January 7, 108 fifth graders from nine Pittsburgh elementary schools competed in the Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh Colors of the Rainbow semi-final team match.

Here are a few of many memorable moments from the ballroom dance event as captured by photographer Archie Carpenter.

Pittsburgh Weil PreK-5, Team Purple
Pittsburgh Spring Hill K-5, Team Blue
Pittsburgh Lincoln K-5, Team Yellow
Pittsburgh Montessori PreK-8, Team Orange
Sister Thea Bowman PreK-8 Catholic Academy, Team Magenta
Pittsburgh Miller PreK-5, Team Green
Pittsburgh Sunnyside K-8, Team Indigo, awaits the judges' decision
Dancers from Sister Thea Bowman learn they will advance to the Colors of the Rainbow final team match in May

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