Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh featured on KD Country

Pittsburgh Concord fifth-grader John Collie-Paylor admits he was “at little nervous” when he first started Dancing Classrooms. “Then it became fun,” he told Dave Crawley.

This morning, Pittsburgh Concord K-5 welcomed Dave Crawley, reporter for KDKA-TV News, to their culminating event. Mr. Crawley videotaped the young ladies and gentlemen as they performed for their parents, teachers, and classmates in preparation for the May 5 Colors of the Rainbow semi-final team match.

Read more and watch Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh on KDKA-TV  here.

Fifth graders Shreya Khanai, Ashlyn Wilkes, John Collie-Paylor, Kahlyla Washington, and Daniel Antantis shared their thoughts about Dancing Classrooms for tonight’s “KD Country” report.

Mr. Crawley also talked with Principal Ms. Susan Barie and Dancing Classrooms teaching artist Ms. Rozana Sweeney about Mercy Behavioral Health‘s in-school program.

Thanks to Mr. Crawley and to everyone at Pittsburgh Concord for putting their best foot forward today.

Ashlyn Wilkes of Pittsburgh Concord was happy to report that she loved Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh.

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