Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh: the big picture

Starting Friday, May 4, look for Dancing Classrooms on billboards around the Greater Pittsburgh area, courtesy of Lamar Advertising.

Pictured above, left to right, are Adrian Carter and Messiah Anderson from Pittsburgh Lincoln K-5 (Team Yellow), and  Christopher Spudich and Lidia Pietrusza from Pittsburgh Spring Hill K-5 (Team Blue).

Photographer Archie Carpenter caught the two couples as they performed the Tango at the Colors of the Rainbow semi-final team match in January.

Our 2011 billboards featured Pittsburgh Allegheny K-5 students Nature Askew and Faith Hubert.

Here’s where you can catch our electronic billboards, on display through the May 19 Colors of the Rainbow final team match.

  • East Ohio Street at the 40th Street Bridge
  • Ohio River Boulevard near I-79
  • Homestead High Level Bridge at the Waterfront
  • Reedsdale Street behind Mercy Behavioral Health’s Reedsdale Center on the North Shore, near Heinz Field and the Rivers Casino
  • I-376, two miles from the Pennsylvania Turnpike, near Monroeville

Special thanks to Lamar Advertising for their continuing support of Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh. This is the second consecutive year that Lamar has donated public service annoucements to our program. Read about last year’s boards here.

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