Eight elementary schools to compete in May 5 Colors of the Rainbow semi-finals

Pittsburgh Miller PreK-5 shows how to Swing at the January 2012 Colors of the Rainbow semi-finals (© 2012 Archie Carpenter)

Saturday, May 5 is the big day for 96 newly trained ballroom dancers from eight Pittsburgh elementary schools.

At the Colors of the Rainbow semi-final team match, fifth graders from seven Pittsburgh Public Schools and one Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh school will dance the Merengue, Rumba, Foxtrot, Tango, and Swing in front of a panel of  judges.

Based on their performances, four of the eight  teams will advance to the final round of competition for Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh’s 2011-12 school year.

The semi-finals begin at 10 a.m. on Saturday, May 5 in the auditorium at Pittsburgh Allderdice High School. The event is free and open to the public. We invite you to come by and cheer for your favorite school. Even if you don’t have a favorite school, you’re sure to be entertained by these young ladies and gentleman.

Dancers were selected from more than 500 fifth graders who took part in the winter/spring 2012 semester of Mercy Behavioral Health‘s in-school program Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh.

Here’s the lineup of schools and students scheduled to show what they’ve learned in 20 ballroom dance lessons:

Pittsburgh Dilworth PreK-5 (RED)
Merengue: Marcus Stevens and Briana Butcher
Foxtrot: Reuben Swartz and Zoe Magley
Rumba: Zyaire Walker and Deoja Harris
Tango: Andrew Winston and Mia Stanton
Swing: Nathan Magley and Rylie Synan
Captains: Isaiah Wilson and Promise Martin

Pittsburgh Linden K-5 (ORANGE)
Merengue: Landon Jordan and Whitney Goldston
Foxtrot: DaVontae Garner and Anisa Ali
Rumba: Michael Tomlin and Madeline Bain
Tango: DaMon Macklin and Lexis Wright
Swing: Jason Thomas and Charlotte Bush
Captains: Zachary Smolar and Raven Haston

Good Shepherd School K-8 (EMERALD)
Merengue: Andy Connelly and Angela Boyd
Foxtrot: Sidney Summers and Katey Kobulinshi
Rumba: Tre Morris and Brianna McDonald
Tango: Andy Connelly and Harley Scherrbaum
Swing: Bernard Lawson and Kamara Carter
Captains: Tyler Sullivan and Kara Riggins

Pittsburgh Phillips K-5 (GREEN)
Merengue: Ty Zachary Diggs and Ry’Anna Moore
Foxtrot: D’Andre Burger and Alllyson Mann
Rumba: Jonathan Williams and Maliyah Stackhouse
Tango: Caryn Madigan and Daniel Valukevich
Swing: Jordan Myers and Jenna Freund
Captains: Jaquan Parker and Tia Ziegler

Pittsburgh Concord K-5 (AQUA)
Merengue: John Collie-Paylor and Cassandra Wilkes
Foxtrot: Michael Danto and Samantha Marzalek
Rumba: Tyler Brandt and Christina Sobeck
Tango: Logan Baldinger and Ashlyn Wilkes
Swing: Sklyer Giannetti and Lauyn Petrick
Captains: Donald Turner and Hannah Weinmann

Pittsburgh Banksville PreK-5 (WHITE)
Merengue: Ben Walsh and Emily Slugenski
Foxtrot: Sudesh Tiwari and Jade Flores
Rumba: Edward May and Lauren Vargo
Tango: Liam Spagnolo and Rachel Jones
Swing: King Strider Davis and Dominique Levier
Captains: Richard Martinez and Julianne Jacques

Pittsburgh Roosevelt PreK-5 (INDIGO)
Merengue: Jonas Chan and Lauren Driscoll
Foxtrot: Cameron Barringer and Christelle Deffenbaugh
Rumba: Cameron Evans and Ryonna Stevens
Tango: Francisco Berumen and Kaylyn Cannon
Swing: Jacob Longo and Mackenzie Miller
Captains: Anthony Perella and Cailey Afanasieff

Pittsburgh Carmalt PreK-8 (PURPLE)
Merengue: Stephen Strickland and Rosa Lockhart
Foxtrot: Zachary Allen and Cheyenne Haden
Rumba: Anthony Lee  and Virginia Snyder
Tango: Quemali Woods and Angelina Makhoul
Swing: Rason Conner and Chartaea McGhee
Captains: Anthony Carrington and Zayauna Liddell

Good luck to all teams from everyone at Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh and Mercy Behavioral Health.

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