Four elementary schools advance to Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh final ballroom competition

Pittsburgh Dilworth PreK-5 (Team Red)

Following ten weeks of bi-weekly lessons during the winter/spring 2012 semester, 96 fifth-grade students competed today in the Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh Colors of the Rainbow semi-final team match.  Seven teams were from Pittsburgh Public Schools; one from an elementary school in Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh.

Of the eight schools, four will now advance to the 2011-12 Colors of the Rainbow final team match, scheduled for Saturday, May 19, 2012.

The ballroom competition, sponsored by Mercy Behavioral Health, took place in the auditorium of Pittsburgh Allderdice High School. An enthusiastic, crowd of family, friends, school officials, and program funders cheered on the ladies and gentlemen.

Master of ceremonies and Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh Teaching Artist Terry Sweeney, kept the program lively. With the dancers’ help, he demonstrated the instruction methods developed by Pierre Dulaine, program founder. At one point, school principals joined their students onstage for a Merengue, showing they, too, have learned to “shake what their mamas gave them.”

Six couples from each of the eight elementary schools performed the Merengue, Foxtrot, Rumba, Tango, and Swing before a panel of three judges.

Capturing gold and qualifying for the final competition are:

  • Pittsburgh Concord K-5 (Team Aqua)
  • Pittsburgh Dilworth PreK-5 (Team Red)
  • Pittsburgh Linden K-5 (Team Orange)
  • Pittsburgh Phillips K-5 (Team Green)
Pittsburgh Phillips K-5 (Team Green)

Today’s top four schools will meet the gold medal winners of the fall 2011 semester, including: Pittsburgh Lincoln K-5, Pittsburgh Miller PreK-5, Pittsburgh West Liberty K-5, and Sister Thea Bowman PreK-8 Catholic Academy.

Pittsburgh Concord K-5 (Team Aqua)

Placing an honorable silver today were:

  • Good Shepherd School K-8 (Team Emerald)
  • Pittsburgh Banksville PreK-5 (Team White)
  • Pittsburgh Carmalt PreK-8 (Team Purple)
  • Pittsburgh Roosevelt PreK-5 (Team Indigo)
Special thanks to our panel of judges — Gerry LaVan, Eileen Manz, and Kelly Photopoulos — for their time and expertise. We appreciate the support of our generous sponsors who help us bring the program to local schools.

Congratulations to all dancers for their beautiful performances today.

We’ll see you back at Pittsburgh Allderdice on May 19 at 10 a.m.

Pittsburgh Linden K-5 (Team Orange)

Check back this week for more photos from today’s Colors of the Rainbow.

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