Dance card set for tomorrow’s Colors of the Rainbow

Dancers shine in the May 5, 2012 Colors of the Rainbow semifinal team match (©2012 Archie Carpenter)
Dancers shine in the May 5, 2012 Colors of the Rainbow semifinal team match (©2012 Archie Carpenter)

Students are ready to take the stage at Pittsburgh Allderdice tomorrow for Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh’s Colors of the Rainbow semifinal team match.

The competition begins at 10 a.m. with the Parade of Colors. Six couples from each school will dance the Merengue, Foxtrot, Rumba, Tango, and Swing. When it ends at noon, four of nine teams will advance to the finals in May.

Will there be a clear leader? Or will it come down to a tie-breaker?

Join us and see for yourself. Colors of the Rainbow is free and open to the public. You’re sure to be impressed by what these fifth graders have learned over 10 weeks of Dancing Classrooms.

Here’s the lineup* for tomorrow’s match.

Pittsburgh Carmalt PreK-8 (Purple)
Principal: Dr. Sandra Och
Merengue: Jaelin Woodall and Tyler Doubt
Foxtrot: Victoria Biagetti and Joseph Kenneally
Rumba: Keira Coleman and Don Miguel Ellis
Tango: Rachael Kalsek and Angelo Meyers
Swing: Anna Leigh Rovnak and Joseph Jones
Captains: Marci Mazza Fredley and Michael Matthews

Pittsburgh Concord K-5 (Blue)
Principal: Jessica Colbert
Merengue: Jonathan Morin and Alyssa Brandt
Foxtrot: Christian White and Breanna Hamilton
Rumba: Tristan Kuehner and Lakeirra Teasley
Tango: Seth Finnigan and Jessica Chamberlain
Swing: Demetri Bose and Nadya Plutnicki
Captains: John Slebrich and Alexandra Wilson

Pittsburgh Langley K-8 (Maroon)
Principal: Rodney Necciai
Merengue: Marlon Hutson and Jayde Morton
Foxtrot: Lawrence Davis and Alex Evans
Rumba: Shawn Hogan and Laviyha Macon
Tango: Ryan Musiol and Nicole Braden
Swing: Tyree Scott-Campbell and Chance Chatman
Captains: Daquan Lewis and Zyaire McCreary-Scott

Pittsburgh Lincoln PreK-5 (Yellow)
Principal: Deonne Arrington
Merengue: Raymond Denson and Deonna Beck
Foxtrot: Cameron Jones and Alexis Morris
Rumba: Devaughtaye Moore and Myera Brown
Tango: Anthony Duckett and Destinee Nesbitt
Swing: Parris Hugley and Diamond Mccallum
Captains: Tyrese Jackson and Rain Carter

Pittsburgh Montessori PreK-8 (Orange)
Principal: Cynthia Wallace
Merengue: Latrell Childs and Sofia Tapia-Loyola
Foxtrot:  Emiliano Siegert-Wilkinson and Delia Petrus
Rumba: Lucas Dufalla and Maddie Figas
Tango: Nate Matthews and Cathryn Coles
Swing: Vonmeir Ellis and Jasmine Majors
Captains: Maurice Arnett  and Getsemani Solis Vasquez

Pittsburgh Roosevelt PreK-5 (Green)
Principal: James Nath
Merenegue: Erica Aguirre and Khalil Schaeffer
Foxtrot: Ariana Smith and Tyrone Williams, Jr.
Rumba: Gwenyth Zeis-Miller and Christopher Panza
Tango: Makenna Daft and Duane Leiby
Swing: Sarah Tegtmeier and Randy Bopp
Captains: Brittany Sadej and Jordyn Schmitt

Pittsburgh Sunnyside K-8 (Indigo)
Principal: Laura Dadey
Merengue: Khafira Freeman and Deandre King
Foxtrot: Ionna Gee and Jadan McCullough
Rumba: Deziree McLaughlin AND Micah Tillman
Tango: Javonna Perkins and Rakeem Brown
Swing: Aniyah Thompkins and Derron Grant
Captains: Shaniya Graham and Brendan Walls

Pittsburgh West Liberty K-5 (Red)
Principal: Kathy Moran
Merengue: Tayvon Reed and Dynasty Dickerson
Foxtrot: Chris Bittner and Kelsey Waite
Rumba: Julian Satria and Alexis McElravy
Tango: Jonathan Grabowski and Tylah Jones
Swing: Aiden Walsh and Alexandra Fulton
Captains: Todd Akrie and Delanie Staab

Sister Thea Bowman PreK-8 Catholic Academy (Magenta)
Principal: Rita Batiste Canton
Merengue: Qiyshan Muqtadir And Faith Locke
Foxtrot: Cameron Bristol and Dejahnay Lucky-Logan
Rumba: Daimere Stephens-Stewart and Taylor Johnson
Tango: Jeremiah Clark and Jayda Farr
Swing: Shawn Kurpiewski and Sydney Thomas
Captains: Rafeik Sirmons and Rachael Wilson

* As of 12/11/12

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