Parent Feedback – Fall 2012

As our fall semester came to a close, surveys were administered among the parents of dancers. The comments we received were encouraging and appreciated. We wanted to share those that stuck out:

“I think it is a wonderful program for our children to be involved. It teaches many things. Most of all, it helped my child pay attention more.”

“It was nice to see my child have an interest in something other than sports and it was nice to see all the children participating as they seemed to enjoy it.”

“It helps break the barrier of shyness and lack of confidence among children.”

“Dancing can help children’s ability to learn other things including the mathematics and logic. BRAVO!”

“THANK YOU! My son aspires to be many things in life but dancing has always been a way for him to express himself in a positive light. For your time, effort, and support, my family thanks you all.”

“I think this is very terrific and was good for the children. I feel it will build their confidence level and teach team work.”

“It has helped my daughter so much with her confidence and mostly coordination. It’s nice to see her take an interest in the arts not just school work.”

“This program is a great transition for our son. He was very apprehensive about dancing with girls. Now he loves dancing and is more confident about his ability.”

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