If there was one thing we have taught them….


All Colors of the Rainbow participants congratulate one another after the competition.

Our teaching artist, Ms. Gena Melago, shared this story with me….

“I wanted to share with you a special story from behind the scenes.  I was speaking with some coworkers in the cafeteria and started to notice Pittsburgh Banksville (the white team) going from team to team wishing everyone good luck.  This was something that I have never witnessed before and was shocked when the other schools quickly started to follow suit, walking around to each team and shaking everyone’s hands and wishing them luck.  I walked over to the teacher from Banksville and inquired how this came about.  She quickly told me that Shane had come up with the idea and asked his teammates if they wanted to join.  I was shocked, as you do not know Shane like I do.  This was a huge thing for him to step up and take the lead.  I was very proud to be their teaching artist and see how they have matured over the past several months.  So thank you Shane for reminding us that it is not about winning, but it is about respect and honoring the journey that we have made together.”

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