Hit the Books & Hit the Dance Floor

2013 5th Grade Colors of the Rainbow Grand Champions-Pittsburgh Lincoln K-5
2013 5th Grade Colors of the Rainbow Grand Champions-Pittsburgh Lincoln K-5

Students all over Pittsburgh are preparing to go back to school. They have new backpacks, new uniforms, new pencils, and… new dance moves? Well, maybe not yet.

With a new school year beginning, students in the 5th and 8th grade can look forward to participating in Dancing Classrooms. They will be introduced to the Merengue, Fox Trot, Tango, Rumba, and Swing. They will learn how to be respectful of themselves, their classmates, and their teachers. Throughout the ten-week program, students will grow to become ladies and gentlemen. It is sure to be a transformational experience!

Helping to make this transformation happen, Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh welcomes back a few familiar faces. Our returning Teaching Artists include Terry Sweeney, Rozanna Sweeney, Gena Melago, Jennifer Milligan, and Ashley Douglas. We’ve also had the pleasure of adding three new Teaching Artists to our team: Jennifer Hoffman, David Minniefield, and Kathy Moran. Be sure to visit the Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh website soon to read Jennifer, David, and Kathy’s bios and learn more about them!

Excitement is surely in the air as we make final preparations heading into the school year. We look forward to positive experiences, memorable moments, and lots of smiles. Join us on this journey as we post pictures and stories over the next few months!

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