It is time for the semi’s! Get those wings crispy and get ready to rumbaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Who will move forward to the finals?  10 elementary schools will be trying to figure that out on Saturday December 14th, 2PM at Allderdice High School Auditorium!  The Colors of the Rainbow Fall Semi-Finals are finally here!


Here is your lineup:

  1. Pittsburgh Carmalt-Purple
  2. Pittsburgh Dilworth-Mango
  3. Pittsburgh Langley-Maroon
  4. Pittsburgh Lincoln-Yellow (2013 Grand Champion!)
  5. Pittsburgh Miller-Green
  6. Pittsburgh Montessori-Indigo
  7. St. Benedict-Ivory
  8. Sr. Thea Bowman-Magenta
  9. Urban League Charter School-Pink
  10. Pittsburgh West Liberty-Red

Come one-come all!  this is open and free to the public!  This event will go on no matter what!  Just like the US Postal Service.  See you there!!!!!

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