Fall 2016 Judy Sigal Spirit Award Winners Honored


Photo of Judy Sigal dancing with Pittsburgh Phillips student. Rocks are placed on the chair with the picture by team captains from each of the participating schools to show that they have been there for Judy.

In the Fall of 2009, when we introduced Dancing Classrooms to Pittsburgh, one teacher at Pittsburgh Phillips was not too happy.  “Of all the years for you to start this program it has to be the year that I move from 5th to 4th!”  Bu that never deterred her from being as helpful as she could.  She didn’t miss a culminating event, semi-final, or final that Pittsburgh Phillips participated in.  When Pittsburgh Mercy was completing research on the effectiveness of the Dancing Classrooms program, and had difficulty getting parents to complete their surveys, it was Judy who got every single one we needed.

When Judy lost her battle with cancer, there was never a doubt in our minds that we would honor her dedication to Dancing Classrooms.  With the encouragement of Judy’s sister-in-law Randi Sigal, her former principal Dr. Barbara Rudiak, we set out to identify those school staff who Judy would have been proud of.  Those who do all that they can to ensure that Dancing Classrooms is successful in their school.

These were our second round of winners:

Chelsea Balik, Pittsburgh Colfax

Rebecca Dougan, Pittsburgh Dilworth

Jamie Horne, Pittsburgh Liberty

Kristen Loalbo, Pittsburgh Weil

Jennifer Masdea, Pittsburgh Langley

Jacqueline Trevisan, Pittsburgh Weil

Corey Vasbinder, Environmental Charter School (He was unable to be at the Colors of the Rainbow-but for good reason as he was was giving birth!)


Congratulations and thank you for all that you do!!!!!


2016 Judy Sigal Spirit Award Winners (L-R) Dr. Barbara Rudiak, Corey Vasbinder acceptee, Jennifer Masdea, Chelsea Balik, Kristen Loalbo, Jacqueline Trevisan, Jamie Horne, Rebecca Dougan, Randi Sigal


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