Another new season of Dancing Classrooms!!

It is September and that means tie for another year of Dancing Classrooms!!!  As we begin our 9th-yes it is season number nine-we had some changes that we wanted to share with you.  Ms. Gena Melago has become the site director for Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh and not only will continue to teach-but also over

Gena Melago
Ms. Gena Melago

see the day to day running of the program!  A big congratulations to her as she has truly been part of the heart and soul of the program!


Speaking of heart and soul-it is safe to say that the other half of that is none other than the one and only Mr. Terry Sweeney.

Monsieur Pierre Dulaine, Mr. Terry Sweeney, Ms. Rozana Sweeney, Mr. Mark Rogalsky

Mr.Terry has been with our program since before day one.  He and his wife, Ms. Rozana Sweeney, truly set the tone for the program since we brought it to Pittsburgh.  Mr. Sweeney’s influence on all of our young ladies and gentleman does not stop there-it also transfers over to our teaching artists.  This is why Mr. Sweeney is now the Quality Control Coordinator for our program.  And he will still be the Master of Ceremonies for our Colors of the Rainbow Team match.

And who is participating this fall?  So glad you asked….

  • Pittsburgh Carmalt
  • Pittsburgh Colfax
  • Pittsburgh Dilworth
  • Environmental Charter School
  • Pittsburgh Langley
  • Pittsburgh Liberty
  • Pittsburgh Linden
  • Urban Academy
  • West Mifflin Middle School

Stay tuned for more as the fall goes on!!!  And watch our facebook page!!!!!

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