Start a Program in Your School

To find out how to bring Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh to your school or to set up an appointment, email  us at or call Mark Rogalsky at 412.320.2321.

Program requirements and details:

  • One Dancing Classrooms course consists of a total of 20 lessons, taught two days a week for 10 weeks at your school.
  • All fifth-grade children within your school are included. No prerequisites or previous dance experience is needed. Lessons are conducted in English. Teachers are encouraged to participate.
  • Physical requirements: We need a clean, well-lit space with optimum dimensions of 30′ x 40,’ cleared of all desks, chairs and objects. A gym or auditorium stage is ideal. The space should be quiet, contained and away from foot traffic. It is best if the floor is hard wood or masonite/linoleum; no carpeting. A boom box with speakers sufficient to fill the space and an electrical outlet is required. An extension cord may also be necessary.
  • We encourage you to hold a culminating event — for example, a ballroom breakfast or student assembly — so that young ladies and gentlemen may demonstrate the dances they’ve learned for their parents, teachers, and other students.
  • At the end of each semester, all schools are invited to participate in the Colors of the Rainbow team match, a citywide competition that is free and open to the public.