On to the finals!

2013 Colors of the Rainbow Spring semi-final participants
Some of the lovely ladies from Pittsburgh Linden

It was a beautiful sunny day.  The young ladies and gentleman were elegant and filled with smiles.  And the occasional set of butterflies.  After 20 lessons, it came down to today.  Who was the most proficient at the Merengue?  Who was the smoothest when it came to the Foxtrot   Who brought the bling in their Rumba? Which team Tango-ed into the judges hearts? Which team showed how to shake what their mamas gave them in the Swing?  Sure there were four teams that will be moving on to the finals next week.  I’ll get to that in a minute.  But, as Mr Terry Sweeney says, lets show the love to the whole group.  We had eight amazing schools out there today.  They all looked fabulous.  Smiles, bow ties, dresses, cummerbunds.  and even more smiles.  We are ail proud of what they have done.  They started with pancakes-a simple way to get into dance frame, and now they have traveled the world of dance.  They have become ladies and gentleman.  Just take a look…..

One of the young men from St Benedict the Moor having his tie adjusted
Pittsburgh Colfax team members getting the finishing touches on.
Pittsburgh Linden with final hair adjustments
Making sure the cummerbund on securely. No wardrobe malfunctions please.
Pittsburgh Weil principal, Holly Ballrd takes a moment prior to the semi-finals to get a team photo.
Pittsburgh Spring Hill principal Todd Van Horn, making sure everyone is ready to go.

Mr. Terry Sweeney warms up the dancers.
Pittsburgh Miller looking fabulous!
Pittsburgh Weil dancers know how to get it done!
everyone loves the Tango and it is because of this-the Scorpion!!!!
Pittsburgh Colfax knows how to Corte!
Pittsburgh Linden getting ready to swing back to the finals!
Pittsburgh Miller supporters once again took over the balcony!

and congratulations to our four teams who will be advancing to the finals next week:

Pittsburgh Miller, Pittsburgh Colfax  Pittsburgh Linden, and Pittsburgh Phillips

watch for more pictures and other updates all week long.  See you at Allderdice on May 11th 10am for the 5th grade finals!!!!!