It’s January! Time for the start of new classes!!!!

Pittsburgh Montessori (front), Pittsburgh Sunnyside, Pittsburgh Roosevelt
It won’t be long before everyone is on the big stage…..

After a successful fall calendar-our teaching artist’s have started back to work already!

Despite the cold and the snow here is the line-up:

5th grade:

Pittsburgh Banksville-taught by Ms. Gena Melago

Pittsburgh Brookline-taught by Ms. Gena Melago

Pittsburgh Concord-taught by Ms. Jennifer Milligan

Pittsburgh Colfax-taught by Ms. Jennifer Milligan

Pittsburgh Linden-taught by Ms. Jen Hoffman

Pittsburgh Manchester-taught by Ms. Kathy Moran

Pittsburgh Phillips-taught by Ms. Jen Hoffman

Pittsburgh Spring HIll-taught by Mr. Terry Sweeney

Pittsburgh Sunnyside-taught by Ms. Jennifer Milligan

Pittsburgh Weil-taught by Ms. Ashley Douglas

8th grade:

Pittsburgh Arsenal-taught by Ms. Jennifer Milligan and Mr. Terry Sweeney

Pittsburgh Brookline-taught by Ms. Gena Melago

Pittsburgh Langley-taught by Ms. Gena Melago

Pittsburgh Montessori-taught by Ms. Gena Melago

Sister Thea Bowman Academy-taught by Ms. Rozana Sweeney

St. Benedict the Moor-taught by Ms. Rozana Sweeney

Watch for updates and pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s dance: a new semester of Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh is in full swing

Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh logoNow that the fall 2011 semester is a wrap, the winter/spring 2012 session of Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh is under way.  This semester, 10 schools will train to vie for four spots in the Colors of the Rainbow semi-final team match in May. Continue reading

It’s me, you and the dance floor: Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh semi-finals [video]

Four elementary schools take top honors in Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh Colors of the Rainbow, advance to finals

A jubilant "red team," Pittsburgh Dilworth, celebrates advancing to the finals of Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh ballroom competition (©2011 Archie Carpenter)

Today, teams of fifth graders from four Pittsburgh Public Schools — Pittsburgh Carmalt PreK-8, Pittsburgh Dilworth PreK-5, Pittsburgh Linden K-5 and Pittsburgh Whittier K-5 — took top honors in the Colors of the Rainbow semi-finals for the winter/spring 2011 semester of Mercy Behavioral Health’s Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh.

For their stellar performances, those four teams earned gold medals — and more importantly — guaranteed  spots for their respective schools in 2010-2011 finals on May 21, 2011. Continue reading

Team colors chosen for May 7 Colors of the Rainbow semi-finals

You know we’re getting close to the competition when we start talking about color selection.  After a random drawing, here are the team colors for Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh  Colors of the Rainbow semi-finals.

Red: Pittsburgh Dilworth PreK-5
Magenta: Pittsburgh Montessori K-8
Orange: Pittsburgh Linden K-5
Yellow: Pittsburgh Fulton K-5
Green: Pittsburgh Whittier K-5
Blue: Pittsburgh Arsenal K-5
Purple: Pittsburgh Carmalt PreK-8

The ballroom dance competition for fifth graders, presented by Mercy Behavioral Health, will take place  on Saturday, May 7  in the auditorium at Pittsburgh Allderdice High School. The event is free and open to the public.