Four elementary schools advance to Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh final ballroom competition

Pittsburgh West Liberty, Team Red (©2012 Archie Carpenter)

Following ten weeks of bi-weekly lessons during the fall 2011 semester, 108 fifth-grade students from seven Pittsburgh Public and two Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh/Extra Mile Foundation elementary schools competed today in the Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh Colors of the Rainbow semi-final team match. Continue reading

Nine elementary schools set to compete in tomorrow’s Colors of the Rainbow semi-finals

gold medalsTomorrow ‘s the big day for 108 newly trained ballroom dancers.

Six couples from nine Pittsburgh elementary schools will compete to decide which four teams will advance to next round of competition in Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh’s 2011-12 Colors of the Rainbow.

It all begins at 10 a.m. on Jan. 7 in the auditorium at Pittsburgh Allderdice High School. This colorful, entertaining,  and energetic event is free and open to the public. We invite you to come by and support your favorite school. Continue reading

Colors of the Rainbow semi-finals set for Saturday, January 7, 2012

Two Pittsburgh Linden cheerleaders
Pittsburgh Linden fans cheer their team to victory in May 2011 (©2011 Martha Rial)

It’s official.

Lessons for the fall 2011 semester of Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh are complete, and schools have held their culminating events.

And now, let the competition begin. Continue reading

2011-2012 Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh starts now

Year three of Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh is underway.

This fall, nine Pittsburgh elementary schools will offer Mercy Behavioral Health‘s in-school program in their fifth-grade classrooms . Continue reading

It’s me, you and the dance floor: Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh semi-finals [video]

Four elementary schools take top honors in Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh Colors of the Rainbow, advance to finals

A jubilant "red team," Pittsburgh Dilworth, celebrates advancing to the finals of Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh ballroom competition (©2011 Archie Carpenter)

Today, teams of fifth graders from four Pittsburgh Public Schools — Pittsburgh Carmalt PreK-8, Pittsburgh Dilworth PreK-5, Pittsburgh Linden K-5 and Pittsburgh Whittier K-5 — took top honors in the Colors of the Rainbow semi-finals for the winter/spring 2011 semester of Mercy Behavioral Health’s Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh.

For their stellar performances, those four teams earned gold medals — and more importantly — guaranteed  spots for their respective schools in 2010-2011 finals on May 21, 2011. Continue reading

Pittsburgh Montessori students move it

On Wednesday, May 4, Principal Cynthia Wallace welcomed the crowd of parents, students and friends to Pittsburgh Montessori’s Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh culminating event. Nothing she said could have prepared them for what they were about to see. Continue reading

Team colors chosen for May 7 Colors of the Rainbow semi-finals

You know we’re getting close to the competition when we start talking about color selection.  After a random drawing, here are the team colors for Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh  Colors of the Rainbow semi-finals.

Red: Pittsburgh Dilworth PreK-5
Magenta: Pittsburgh Montessori K-8
Orange: Pittsburgh Linden K-5
Yellow: Pittsburgh Fulton K-5
Green: Pittsburgh Whittier K-5
Blue: Pittsburgh Arsenal K-5
Purple: Pittsburgh Carmalt PreK-8

The ballroom dance competition for fifth graders, presented by Mercy Behavioral Health, will take place  on Saturday, May 7  in the auditorium at Pittsburgh Allderdice High School. The event is free and open to the public.