100th Post! The 8th Annual Pittsburgh Conference on Child Maltreatment

100 posts.  Sounds like a line from a fencing company.  But it is a big deal to us at dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh.

A few months ago, we received a request to make a presentation at a conference being held here in Pittsburgh.  The 8th Annual Pittsburgh Conference on Child Maltreatment, presented by the Child Advocacy Center at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC.  They recognized the value of what we offer these young ladies and gentleman  and wanted to afford us the opportunity to share this with other professionals.  Oh yeah, and they wanted us to have the kids come and perform!   So we did.  We had students representing Pittsburgh Langley, Pittsburgh Concord,  Pittsburgh Lincoln, Pittsburgh Sunnyside, Pittsburgh Weil, and Pittsburgh Montessori.  Pittsburgh Langley sent some of their 5th graders, and some of their 8th Graders.  Our teaching artist, Miss Ashley Douglas was on hand to run the show for more than 250 conference attendees on Thursday April 25.  WPXI tv was also on hand and they filmed a little bit and aired it at the 530PM news.  Take a look at how our ladies  and gentleman did…

Our 5th graders warming up
5th graders from Pittsburgh Concord doing the foxtrot.
Here comes the Scorpion in the Tango!
8th graders from Pittsburgh Langley performing the foxtrot under the watchful eyes of Miss Ashley Douglas
Pittsburgh Langley 8th graders performing the foxtrot.
The fifth graders getting their scorpion on the move!
Our 5th graders checking out the 8th graders moves

So the 5th graders and the 8th graders totally wowed the audience.  They were elegant, they were respectful, they were just plain awesome.  They made us and their schools proud.

So the next day, we made a presentation about the program.  In what might have been one of the greatest  “aha!” moments, the looks on the faces of the participants in our presentation when we told them to go to the back of the room and form a circle.  Yes! We did a sample first lesson.

Miss Gena Melago rounded them up and began to teach.  Mr. Pierre Dulaine would have been proud.  We went from red light to green light to pancakes to burnt pancakes to crispy chicken wings.  It was great.  A lot of laughter and joy.  A lot of smiles.  A lot of fun.  A lot of people wanting to come and see the upcoming events!  Take a look at how much fun they had….

“May I have this dance please?”
and she responded “Yes, with pleasure” and some burnt pancakes thank you very much!
Looks like they are going from burnt pancakes and starting to get those crispy chicken wings….
Everyone had a good time.

All in all, it was 2 really great days for Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh.  Special thanks to Rob Wittman and Jamie Mesar from Children’s Hospital.  We are already looking forward to having the kids come and perform next year!