St. Benedict the Moor’s 5th and 8th graders strut their stuff for their schoolmates and families

It was an exciting day in the Hill District    Today was the culminating event for St. Benedict the Moor’s 5th and 8th grade Dancing Classrooms participants.  St. Benedict began Dancing Classrooms in the winter of 2010.  They along with three other schools that were part of the Extra Mile Foundation-St. Agnes, who merged with St  Benedict for the start of the 2011-2012 school year; Holy Rosary School in Homewood and St. James School in Wilkinsburg-the latter two merged to become Sister Thea Bowman Academy in the fall of 2011-12, as well.

This year was also special because the 8th graders had had the program in the 5th grade. When teaching artist, Ms. Rozana Sweeney asked the audience, “How many of you have had Dancing Classrooms wither this year or previously,” almost half of the students in the auditorium raised their hands!  For us at Dancing Classrooms Pittsburgh, it was an exciting moment.  Almost as exciting as watching the students themselves!  Speaking of which, lets take a look at some pictures of the three classrooms in action!

8th graders showing their best corte!
8th graders showing the swing!
Everybody dance!!!!!!!
8th graders showing their best Merengue!
now 5th graders show the Merengue!
5th grade foxtrot.
You know it’s the rumba (can you hear me rolling my “r” when I say that??) when the ladies are showing their bling!